Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 32 | Page 22

LATEST INTELLIGENCE – WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A GROW GETTER – PRESENTED BY Download whitepaper here 22 INTELLIGENTCIO W herever your manufacturing business is on its digital transformation journey, there’s so much to consider that it’s easy for paralysis to set in. To keep your forward momentum, it pays to learn from businesses that seem unfazed by the challenge and are successfully driving transformation and growth. We call these businesses Grow Getters. They identify the big changes they want to make, but don’t stress about the magnitude of their ambition. They know that if they keep making smart changes, step by step in the right direction, the momentum for innovation and transformation will build. Invest in visibility Step by step, embrace change Grow Getters know that they first need to identify the right steps to take. One thing Grow Getters have in common, especially the small-to-midsize manufacturers that we talk to, is that they move forward in small, smart, incremental steps. This is why they invest in technologies that give them greater visibility, from the factory floor through all of their core business processes: sales, financials, customer relationship management, supply chains,