Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 32 | Page 28

“ TRENDING ALMOST ALL RESPONDENTS (93%) THOUGHT THEIR WORKPLACE WOULD BE IMPROVED THROUGH GREATER USE OF TECHNOLOGY. • Build collaborative digital workspaces: Companies need to think about how the digital workplace extends beyond their head office to support remote workers, partners and customers. IT leaders need to plan for, and invest in, a working environment without borders • Incorporate security from the ground- up: Companies must architect the digital workplace with security as an integral part of the design, taking into account the role of human error as well as bad actors. To achieve optimum security that can adapt to change and unknowns, IT must look to emerging technologies in networking, cloud computing, AI and machine-learning “The consumerisation of the workplace is a very real movement. Employees are consumers and we bring consumer expectations with us to work,” said Janice Le, Chief Marketer for Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. “The workplace is getting smarter and therefore, employees are working smarter.” A new paradigm has started to emerge where smart building technologies are intersecting with the digital workplace to form the Smart Digital Workplace. This is where human-centered design meets IoT and building automation. to the user. Buildings can go greener by dynamically optimising energy utilisation based on employee patterns. These new use cases not only foster employee productivity but also improve efficiency while putting people at the centre. Le concluded: “This global study indicates that choice, personalisation, ease and automation are improving the top line and the bottom line for organisations who are defining the future of work. Our own place of work is a living lab for the Smart Digital Workplace and we are seeing results such as faster hiring and higher offer acceptances. The benefits are tangible and go beyond productivity.” The Smart Digital Workplace can enable personalised experiences such as connected furniture and smart lighting that adapts To read the full report visit TheWorkplaceoftheFuture. n 28 INTELLIGENTCIO “ IT LEADERS NEED TO PLAN FOR, AND INVEST IN, A WORKING ENVIRONMENT WITHOUT BORDERS.