Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 32 | Page 44

FEATURE: SYSTEMS INTEGRATION //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Ensuring the effective integration of different components of an IT system has many benefits and is something countless enterprises could profit from. While a holistic strategy is best, perhaps the key to success is visibility across the whole IT infrastructure. The benefits of managing an entire IT estate with a single service include increased agility and efficiencies to reduce costs. The AppCentrix SmartICT service combines application performance management with element management products, integrated processes, extensive skills and the benefits of a flexible cloud-based platform into one integrated view. This puts the management and control of all IT assets in an estate and the cloud within one service provider to achieve a single view, for increased agility and efficiency. Intelligent CIO spoke to Omar Sati, Executive Board Member at AppCentrix International, to find out more about the importance of systems integration. I f we could take a sneaky look at the IT operations of most enterprises what would we find? Chances are we would discover countless different elements that, in many cases, are struggling to work together. A piecemeal approach to system integration will only get you so far; a holistic strategy is what’s really required although, unsurprisingly, this is much easier said than done. Is the ultimate aim of IT integration to bring together components from different manufacturers to achieve a unified and functioning system? As we embark on digital transformation, business requirements will dictate the deployment of technology rather than Fortunately, there are solutions on offer that help with the integration of systems and visibility across the whole IT infrastructure. For instance, AppCentrix SmartICT offers a single, integrated view of data from all IT assets. This means enterprises can benefit from