Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 32 | Page 51

CIO opinion CIO OPINION of their network, the basic systems that allow access to applications and services on their network. In other words, core elements like DNS, DHCP and IP address management, often referred to as DDI. allows automation and leverages machine learning to drive better insight into threats is key. Relying on security expertise from organisations that specialise in security is often underutilised. For example, if your DDI infrastructure identifies a new device on the network, that information should be shared with a vulnerability scanner so it can scan the device to ensure its integrity. Get help Unify your approach Too often organisations rely on internal expertise but budget constraints and the availability of trained security experts constrain their ability to have the extensive coverage they need. Help comes in many forms, technology and external expertise. Augmenting the team’s skill sets with the latest development in technology that Make sure that all the elements of your defence in depth approach work in unison. This means that when one system sees a vulnerability that information should be shared with the other parts of the infrastructure. Whether that information is an indicator of compromise or threat intelligence, the information should be shared. While the information in isolation is useful (a new device on the network) it becomes actionable and more impactful when it is shared with other parts of your infrastructure. Of course, this requires that the vendors you select have an open approach and have built their products with the ability to share information with other parts of your infrastructure. n INTELLIGENTCIO 51