Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 32 | Page 57

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// FEATURE: SMART CITIES Taking the smart approach With Saudi Arabia preparing for a post-oil economy, it is turning its attention to technology. The Smart Yanbu Industrial City project, in collaboration with Huawei, perfectly illustrates how the ‘Oil Kingdom’ is taking a data-driven approach to better managing waste, traffic, street lights, parking and energy efficiency. I n recent years, falling global oil prices have created challenging opportunities for Saudi Arabia to move towards renewable energy and open new investment projects that will support the economy. Oil currently generates about 70% of the country’s revenue and in preparation for the future, Saudi Arabia announced a transformation programme called ‘Vision 2030’ in April 2016. This ambitious blueprint has focused on the goals of developing smart cities, achieving environmental sustainability, improving digital infrastructures and expanding the variety of digital services. In line with Saudi Arabia’s vision, the Smart Yanbu Industrial City project is building upon the hopes of citizens for transformation. Smart Yanbu Industrial City, a transformative engine for the ‘Oil Kingdom’ In 1975, Yanbu Industrial City was set up according to a royal decree and managed by a Royal Commission. INTELLIGENTCIO 57