Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 32 | Page 67

CASE STUDY streamlined, the firm also reduces the time ships must spend in harbour. Idle time, along with associated berthing fees, is a major expense for shipping lines and minimising this is an important saving for Nakilat. Remote access to core applications for international offices and mobile users NAKILAT NOW SAVES TIME AND MONEY BY SHARING ACCESS TO INFORMATION AND APPLICATIONS WITH USERS FROM PARTNER ORGANISATIONS. Nakilat employees can also easily access applications and information from international offices or from mobile devices. In both cases, NetScaler provides secure access controlled by Hamad’s team at a granular, user-role level. “Our users love it,” said Hamad. “Whatever device they are using, they get the same familiar interface. Access to anything we publish from our data centre is secured by NetScaler, and any cloud resources are secured by NetScaler working with Azure ID Management.” Cost-effective and reliable access over satellite links for vessels at sea The same technology is extending IT access to the crews on Nakilat’s vessels. “Low bandwidth is always a problem at sea,” said Hamad, “and the cost of data THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE WAS BRINGING EVERYONE TOGETHER AND ENABLING SECURE ACCESS TO INFORMATION FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. INTELLIGENTCIO 67