Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 47 | Page 23

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// TRENDING MANAGING CYBER-RISK IN THE MIDDLE EAST Rarely does a day pass without news of a new cyberattack or threat. And while many of these transcend country or regional borders, there are some trends and nuances that can be found in certain parts of the world. For this GITEX edition, we put the spotlight on the Middle East and hear from industry experts about some of the main cyber-risks to the region’s organisations, with advice on how these can be mitigated. C IOs the world over are facing an unprecedented challenge. The cyberthreat landscape is constantly evolving as attackers adopt savvy new tricks and tools to bypass even the most sophisticated defences in order to wreak havoc – often for financial gain. No global region is spared; the world is now a sprawl of connected devices, rendering country borders invisible in the digital world. However, there are some trends and nuances that can be observed in different parts of the world – based on cultural, political and financial variances. Intelligent CIO spoke to experts at a number of leading cybersecurity vendors about some of the key regional threats and how these can be addressed. Their responses are all based around the question: ‘Are there any region-specific challenges to manage cyber-risk?’ Here’s what they had to say: Yazan A Hammoudah, Senior Manager, Systems Engineering MEA, FireEye In the Middle East, the volatile political situation and rapid adoption of technology “ IN THE MIDDLE EAST, THE VOLATILE POLITICAL SITUATION AND RAPID ADOPTION OF TECHNOLOGY PUTS THE REGION AT RISK WHEN IT COMES TO CYBERATTACKS. INTELLIGENTCIO 23