Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 47 | Page 62

CASE STUDY AUTOMATING THE LONG AND REPETITIVE ROUTINE WORK OF THE INSURANCE ELIGIBILITY PROCESS WILL HELP MEDCARE PROVIDE A SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE FOR PATIENTS. insurance approval before commencement of their treatment. That’s why we have decided to automate the process to lead efficiency, and to effectively carry out the eligibility process,” said Mohammed. “This is just a start to the RPA journey as we are 62 INTELLIGENTCIO planning to enhance and automate more processes that add value to both our team members and patients.” Finesse will use the UiPath RPA platform to build a one-stop process bot which will gather information from different folios available on the Medcare portal. The bot will gather only the necessary and distinct information at one platform to conduct a thorough Insurance Eligibility Process. For this process, it will gather the following: • Emirates ID details of the existing patient • In case of a new patient, it will scan the Emirates ID to fetch details such as name, date of birth, expiry date, ID number, etc. The RPA bot will then login into each insurance portal listed to check for eligibility of the patient to claim the insurance for treatment. The same process will be repeated by the bot in case the first insurance portal doesn’t hold the ID number for insurance claim and so forth, till the eligibility is found. n