Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 47 | Page 69

ZERO-DAY AUTOMATED PROTECTION MITIGATES THREATS WITHOUT MANUAL INTERVENTION Today’s DDoS attacks are more prevalent, multi-vector in nature and morph over time. With millions of IoT devices predicted to be in use over the coming years, driven by the transition to 5G networks, traditional DDoS solutions will quickly become inadequate. 63 PERCENT In a recent A10 Networks survey of mobile operators, 63 percent saw advanced DDoS protection as the most important security capability needed for 5G networks. And, in an IDG research report, respondents confirmed that the number-one most important capability in a DDoS solution was In today’s climate with the dramatic increase in polymorphic multi-vector attacks and the chronic shortage of qualified security professionals, enterprises and service providers need intelligently automated defenses that can accomplish tasks autonomously. Manual interventions are not only resource-intensive but too slow and ineffective, resulting in a greater potential of network downtime and high cost to the organization.” automated detection and mitigation. ZERO-DAY AUTOMATED PROTECTION (ZAP) A10 Networks’ ZAP is comprised of two components: dynamic attack pattern recognition by a machine learning algorithm and Lee Chen CEO of A10 Networks heuristic behavior analysis recognition to dynamically identify anomalous behavior and block attacking agents. ZAP works in conjunction with A10 Networks’ adaptive DDoS security model and its five-level adaptive policy mitigation engines to provide a complete in-depth defense system. This comprehensive approach blocks DDoS attacks while protecting legitimate users from indiscriminate collateral damage typically associated with traditional DDoS protection methods. LEARN MORE AT A10NETWORKS.COM The A10 Networks team will be at GITEX in Sheikh Rashid Hall, booth SR-J10. Visit to book a meeting with the team. INTELLIGENTCIO 69