Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 47 | Page 97

Proofpoint to showcase its people-centric cybersecurity solutions roofpoint, a leading cybersecurity and compliance company, will showcase its portfolio of people- centric cybersecurity solutions. “Cybercriminals relentlessly target the people who will provide the most lucrative pay-out and that’s why we are committed to delivering innovative people- centric security and training solutions that ensure an organisation’s most attacked people are protected,” said Emile Abou Saleh, Regional Director, Middle East and Africa for Proofpoint. Solutions showcased at GITEX include: P • Proofpoint Security Awareness Training: Engages employees and arms them against real-world cyberattacks, using personalised security awareness training and customised phishing simulation, based on Proofpoint’s threat intelligence. • Proofpoint Email Protection: Protects against the number one threat vector, including malware-free threats such as impostor email, or business email compromise (BEC). • Proofpoint Advanced Threat Protection: Stops threats before they reach employees and responds quickly when PROOFPOINT things do go wrong. WILL BE THE Proofpoint’s innovative IB EXH ITING IN ID advanced threat SHEIKH RASH D N protection products HALL AT STA prevent, detect and notify SR–F2 organisations of advanced threats, and helps resolve them before they cause lasting harm. • Proofpoint Cloud App Security: Cloud apps are changing the way people collaborate and run their businesses, introducing new cloud app security risk. With Proofpoint Cloud App Security solutions, organisations can detect, investigate and defend against cybercriminals accessing sensitive data and trusted accounts. Emile Abou Saleh, Regional Director, Middle East and Africa for Proofpoint Nexthink to showcase achieving business objectives exthink, a global leader in Digital Employee Experience Management, will demonstrate the need for organisations to understand employees’ experiences during Digital Transformation projects to achieve business objectives and avoid costly project failures. N At GITEX, senior executives from Nexthink will address the need for employees to be placed at the forefront of an IT strategy as well as discuss recent IT trends. Nexthink will also showcase L BE its recently-launched NEXTHINK WIL EIKH ‘Digital Experience PRESENT IN SH , Score,’ which combines RASHID HALL hard data and employee STAND SRJ1 feedback for organisations to continuously measure, benchmark (against peers and competitors) and improve digital employee experience with a defined set of metrics. It is crucial for companies to recognise how important employees’ experiences are to their overall business – as happy, motivated employees allow companies to innovate and deliver on key objectives. “Many new technology initiatives fail because employees aren’t involved in the strategy phase – this is because IT departments do not have a good enough understanding of what’s needed for employees to do their jobs,” said Maged Eid, Area VP – META, Nexthink. “Nexthink’s technology provides real-time visibility and insights that enables an organisation’s IT department to take a proactive approach to improving its IT performance and resolving potential problems quickly. This helps foster a positive employee experience and boost productivity.” INTELLIGENTCIO 97