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Seera Group announces ‘ Seera Insights ’ data portal with VisitBritain as launch partner

valuable data sets to tailor the platform and whitelabel it according to their needs .
Louise Blake , Vice President , Data and Analytics at Seera Group , said : “ These insights will enable a deeper understanding of the target audience and behaviours , helping our partners deliver further value . Through this portal , traveller preferences and activities can be tracked by VisitBritain , which will help them to foster a deeper experience for the guests by providing an enhanced personalised journey .”

Seera Group , the region ’ s leading travel services company , has launched a new data portal for industry partners , which offers comprehensive insights on future searches , bookings and traveller behaviour .

The portal has been designed to enable tourism boards and other industry partners to further understand the customer journey at every touchpoint and make projections for strategic campaigns .
In an attempt to support the wider travel ecosystem during the recovery phase of travel , Seera Group is working closely with partners globally to identify the most
Sofia Santos , Country Manager , GCC for VisitBritain , said : “ Tourism is also an extremely competitive global industry and initiatives such as Seera ’ s innovative insights portal , supporting us to access real-time data on travellers ’ preferences and future booking patterns , will help to position Britain as the destination of choice for visitors from Saudi Arabia .”

Sipchem collaborates with IBM to virtualise IT infrastructure

Sahara International Petrochemical

Company ( Sipchem ), has announced its collaboration with IBM Services to virtualise its IT infrastructure , ensuring Business Continuity amid COVID-19 .
The outbreak of the pandemic led governments across the world to impose lockdowns and to mandate people to stay home , disrupting business operations regardless of industry and company size .
For Sipchem , COVID-19 related government restrictions in Saudi Arabia required employees to access the company ’ s IT systems remotely to complete their tasks and meet critical deadlines .
Recognising the urgent need to protect employees ’ health and wellbeing while ensuring uninterrupted operations , Sipchem worked closely with IBM Services to improve remote access capabilities to
Eng Saleh Bahamdan , CEO , Sipchem
the company ’ s IT systems , applications and resources . Currently , Sipchem ’ s entire workforce in Saudi Arabia has the ability to achieve maximum efficiency to conduct business securely and in a remote capacity .
“ Sipchem ’ s number one priority is the continued safety of our employees and the community as a whole ,” said Eng Saleh Bahamdan , CEO , Sipchem . “ In such a fastevolving situation , we also knew that we needed to figure out new ways to continue serving our customers and partners and persevere through the pandemic . As usual , IBM was up for the challenge and met our immediate needs .”
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