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Virtual desktops and hosted apps provide organisations with secure access to information from any device , including smart phones and tablets . NetApp and their partners have helped many customers to successfully implement virtual desktop infrastructure ( VDI ) environments . For the growing demand of hardware graphics acceleration , NetApp HCI has expanded its portfolio to address various business needs . This document is focused on a solution for virtualised 3D graphic workloads on various products from Autodesk , Dassault Systemes , Siemens , and so on .

NetApp HCI includes Intel ’ s scalable secondgeneration processors , various memory configurations , and other components . You have the option to use NVIDIA M10 GPUs for scalability or NVIDIA T4 GPUs for the flexibility to run compute workloads in addition to VDI . To address storage resource demands , NetApp HCI provides iSCSI storage with efficiency features like thin provisioning , compression , and deduplication . NetApp HCI includes a Mellanox CX-4 dualport 2x25GbE network controller and one 1GbE Baseboard Management Controller .
VMware Horizon 7 provides various implementation choices to meet the demands of virtual desktops and hosted apps . The session-sharing feature allows up to 10 users to collaborate and overcome the challenges of sharing video content .
NetApp HCI not only addresses the challenges of virtualised 3D graphic workloads , it also enables you to quickly explore Deep Learning with the NetApp Kubernetes Service and NVIDIA GPU Cloud . With the NetApp Data Fabric , you can gain more value from NetApp HCI .
NetApp HCI
NetApp HCI consists of a mix of storage nodes and compute nodes . It is available on chassis with either a two-rack unit or single-rack unit , depending on the model . The installation and configuration required to deploy virtual machines ( VMs ) are automated with the NetApp Deployment Engine ( NDE ). Compute clusters are managed with VMware vCentre , and storage clusters are managed using the vCentre Plug-in deployed with NDE . A management VM called mNode is deployed as a part of NDE . It handles the following functions :
• Version upgrades
• Pushing events to vCentre
• vCentre Plug-in management
• A VPN tunnel for support
• The NetApp Active IQ collector
• The extension of NetApp Cloud Services to onpremises , enabling a hybrid cloud infrastructure . •
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