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Five reasons to go for a 5G mobile

With the region ’ s carriers starting

to offer 5G , now is a good time to upgrade your mobile phone from 4G to 5G . With a 5G mobile phone , not only can you enjoy blazing connection speeds , but it also helps you be more productive and saves time – making it an especially relevant and useful device in the age of remote working . Here are five compelling reasons to go for a 5G mobile .
1 . Superfast response time
Sports fans know the agony of watching a broadcast stream over a slow connection , with the video not keeping pace with action on the field . This is due to latency – the speed at which packets of data are sent and downloaded . Lower the latency , better the connectivity . 5G ’ s low latency means a connection that is 10 times faster . It will revolutionise the future of e-sports , especially gameplay streaming , where every second counts . Superfast connectivity enhances both the gamers ’ performance and the audience experience . Delayed connections can skew results , drop audience numbers and revenue streams for gamers . 5G ’ s low latency ensures almost no lag while playing e-sports or making a video call .
2 . Future fit
To ensure they don ’ t become obsolete as 5G technology evolves , 5G phones feature a combination of different frequency bands to be compatible with patchy coverage in different areas . As 5G coverage improves with succeeding waves of rollouts , the 5G phone is adequately future proofed to keep pace .
3 . Smoother content sharing
5G is a gamechanger for both content creators and audiences . It enables content creators to broadcast HD live streams or
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