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For example , one of our alliance partners primarily focuses on the voice of the customer and their interaction with agents through speech analytics . Speech analytics plays a key role in providing organisations with 100 % visibility into voice calls coming into the contact centre . This offers insights into customer trends and feedback on the emotions of customers calling in .

Analytics plays an essential role in everything that organisations , of any kind , do today . It enables them to measure how their business is doing today , identify areas of enhancement related to their products , services and employees , as well as forecast what their customers will demand in the future . For example , when launching a new strategy or vision for the future , analytics helps businesses to understand their market and what their customers are looking for through social media or by analysing the feedback customers leave during their interactions with call centres .

We are seeing enterprises use analytics to provide enhanced personalisation . Let ’ s take an example in the telemarketing outreach sphere . In the past , when organisations had new services to offer existing customers , they would call anyone and everyone to get the message out . Now , though , through analytics it is much easier for organisations to run more targeted campaigns that result in higher rates of success – as well as better utilisation of resources .
This is because analytics helps with the identification of specific potential prospects by understanding the behaviour of customers and interests through social media and websites . This means that , when running outbound campaigns , organisations can target specific customers who might be interested in the offer and are willing to receive information about it . Given that there is no single most influential data analytics solutions vendor at the moment , it is critical that CIOs understand that every vendor provides a specific utilisation of analytics technology to meet the unique needs and wants of potential customers .
Primarily , we see large enterprises , with large-scale contact centres , using analytics technologies in aid of customer experience . This could be service providers , banks or business process outsourcers and more . They ’ re using things like speech analytics because , due to the sheer volume of incoming calls , it ’ s impossible for humans to review every single call and discern actionable insights regarding trends , customer satisfaction and root causes of pain points . This is where these technologies come in – it ’ s their ability to turn lots of data into actionable insight that makes analytics critical .
There are wider use cases for analytics , aside from speech analytics . For example , marketing teams are using these tools to better understand the needs of their customers and to tailor content , messaging and responses accordingly . Indeed , analytics tools can be used by any organisation that cares about customer satisfaction .
In addition , analytics plays a vital role in any organisation and without the technology it becomes a major challenge to understand and adapt to any changes in the market . There is no organisation that will be able to forecast what is important for the future without analytics .
As a matter of fact , analytics should be the bread and butter for any organisation looking to maintain a competitive edge .
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