Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 72 | Page 26

Making significant innovations in integration , the solution integrates input and output power distribution cabinets into the uninterruptible power supply , saving six cabinets worth of space compared to previous product .
The advantage of Huawei ’ s FusionPower6000 3.0 is that the design and engineering process has been transformed , with factory prefabrication and standardised products and services . This reduces complexity and banishes delivery difficulties to things of the past . Adaptable to diverse scenarios , deployment is fast and flexible , with testing and installation completed within just two weeks . In total , time-to-market ( TTM ) falls by 75 %, compared to traditional solutions .
Highly integrated and converged which can take months to draw up – usually resulting in complex communications during construction and multiple interface standards once the job is done . This is far from conducive to efficient , convenient maintenance .
Offering high density and efficiency – slashing 40 % off the physical footprint of a traditional power supply solution – Huawei ’ s FusionPower6000 3.0 delivers link efficiency of up to 95.6 %, a figure that climbs to 97.8 % in intelligent online mode . Making significant
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