Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 72 | Page 41

Kamaraju said some roles within the organisation subsequently changed . “ Take the CIO as an example . This role is unique because it was already evolving to accommodate organisations ’ business environments , a process which required the CIO to begin working with the chief technology officer and other C-suite executives more closely ,” he said .
Vaidy Panchabikesan , Regional Director , Kissflow , said CIOs now find themselves facing a deluge of digitalisation requests from all departments . Panchabikesan said finance , procurement , marketing , HR , operations – digital technologies are now fundamental enabling employee productivity irrespective of the job function . “ At the same time , they need to execute on fundamental IT initiatives such as the move to the cloud , automation of processes and empowering employees with the collaboration , communication and productivity tools they need ,” he said . “ This is promoting a need for the decentralisation
Santhosh Rao , Senior Research Director , Analyst , Gartner
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