Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 72 | Page 46

Any decent secure Domain Name System ( DNS ) should automatically block RaaS – but this is not happening . And that ’ s symptomatic of how far too many small and large companies still manage their security .
ideal method for hackers seeking to transfer data into a network ( for example when uploading malware ) or out of one ( like when stealing sensitive data ).
But at the same time , DNS ’ s central location at the foundation of the network also makes it possible to use as a powerful security tool . As one of the first services a device uses when it connects to the network , DNS can give network administrators visibility across the entire network , allowing them to identify and isolate compromised machines before they can cause significant damage . DNS can also be used to monitor traffic and can be leveraged to automatically block traffic to known malicious servers .
DNS security solutions can use Threat Intelligence – information about known threats , which is collected and shared by security providers – in this way to disrupt RaaS attacks before they cause damage .
Servers that are known to be used by hackers are therefore automatically blocked by the DNS before the ransomware can be uploaded .
The biggest challenge to our resilience is not in ‘ state actors ’ or digital criminal masterminds . They have better things to do than look for tiny rewards . The problem is that companies are so squeamish about their cybersecurity that any small-time criminal willing to put a little bit of time and effort into the Dark Web can effortlessly shut down the whole thing before anyone even realises what ’ s happening .
It is the responsibility of the companies themselves to take at least the most basic measures . Of course , if a good hacker really wants it , he will get in everywhere . But the fact that we are currently seeing one nasty amateur after another cause enormous damage with means that have been known for a long time and can easily be parried , I think is even worse . p
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