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( NAC ) solutions and security orchestration with ClearPass , as well as its broad range of wireless access points and switches unified in a coherent design ,” said Bhojani .
Elevated experiences from day one
Implementing Aruba ’ s wired and wireless networking solutions enabled the Innoventures Education schools to achieve 100 % coverage across each of its school campuses without any blind spots , thanks to the installation of over 1,000 APs . This performance and reliability are pivotal to smooth operations as on average , over 10,000 devices connect to the network from across the group ’ s five campuses .
“ Aruba enables students and teachers to securely access Microsoft Office 365 , Microsoft Teams and other popular teaching , learning and collaboration applications without experiencing delays , jitter , or dropped connections ,” said Bhojani .
Securely supports BYOD
In a highly connected world , the diversity of digital devices and their personalised nature means that the Innoventures Education group ’ s staff and students would prefer to use their own devices for studying or as well as for leisure . Standard-issue laptops or tablets are not only costly , but also seem to be a thing of the past .
“ All our campuses now support BYOD and thanks to Aruba ’ s Zero Trust architecture , all our missioncritical cloud applications – our student management system , library management system , e-assessments and learning management system – are seamlessly and securely accessible to relevant stakeholders ,” said Bhojani .
“ Our mission is to leverage technologies that work together cohesively to augment the overall experience that students have at our schools . Aruba ’ s network ensures these solutions operate efficiently and effectively which translates to intuitive and truly worldclass experiences ,” said Bhojani .
Reduces management overheads
With operations spread across five school campuses , simplified , centralised management of the entire network – made possible by the implementation of Aruba ’ s 7200 series controllers – has been tremendously beneficial to Innoventures Education ’ s IT team . “ Aruba facilitates automation of previously manual processes , which leads to the smooth running of our network . This also simplifies operations and reduces costs and risks ,” said Bhojani .
Aruba ClearPass has been key to supporting BYOD for staff and students in a truly secure manner . The solution ’ s QuickConnect , Policy Manager , OnGuard and Guest features ensure that personal and institutionowned devices alike can rapidly connect to the network , while checking that these meet pre-set configuration and security criteria , and that only relevant resources are accessible based on predefined roles .
Platform for ongoing digitalisation
The new network infrastructure forms the backbone of the group ’ s ongoing digitalisation programme , supporting a wide range of devices including desktops , laptops , projectors , interactive display panels , iPads , CCTV systems , signage TVs and attendance and access control systems .
“ Because of the considerable reduction in connectivity-related support tickets and the significantly improved time to resolution , we now require fewer resources for network management . We



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