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FINAL WORD without a password protection , or any form of other misconfiguration , led to more than half of data leaks last year . of a movement that ’ s changing that narrative and putting the region on the map in terms of where technology is being developed and exported to the world .
Rami El Malak , CEO and Co-Founder , spiderSilk
The fourth use case is what we call the non-coded threads . These are typically either business logic flaws or integration flaws that might leave data exposed if undetected and these non-coded threats are not covered by existing solutions .
Finally , we also detect source code leakage , which can include either exposed credentials or other sensitive information that might be damaging to the organisation .
Setting spiderSilk apart from other businesses
With our attack surface management platform , Resonance , the only thing that we require from the customer is the name of the organisation . Once that ’ s entered into the system , our platform is able to scan the entire Internet – more than 4.2 billion IP addresses on a continuous basis .
Through that scan we ’ re able to attribute which assets out there belong to your organisation and that starts to build your asset directory . And that ’ s fundamentally different from a lot of approaches being taken that are dependent on the customer telling the solution what their assets are .
Also , by being external and independent , it doesn ’ t require any integrations deployments which is a relief for many security guardians who may already have a host of intertwined solutions . The platform was built in such a way that it is a pull experience , not push .
It ’ s fundamentally meant to support security guardians and organisations by being autonomous and that ’ s where our customers , partners and MSPs have seen the most value from Resonance .
Why the Middle East is a prime location for this technology
The region has always been at the forefront of technology adoption and some of the largest organisations in the world are here . I grew in the region , so the business was launched here with the backing of Global Ventures , one of the top VCs in our market , as well as STV , the largest technology fund in the region and the investment arm of Saudi Telecom . spiderSilk ’ s strategy for growth , with advice for start-ups and SMEs
One of the most important things is to be able to demonstrate value and that has always been one of our key strategies .
Now , having demonstrated value and converted opportunities into active paying subscribers , we ’ ve gained the credibility in the market to go out and talk more about our solution and how it has benefited some of these major organisations and how we can further benefit others .
We very closely with several channel partners in the region and we ’ re heavily dependent on our strategy and growth with the channel ecosystem and the close partnerships that we ’ ve built .
In addition , when we built the platform , we made sure that it is managed service provider friendly and we ’ re working on a number of managed service provider agreements whereby they can offer that platform and solution as a service to their customers who require cybersecurity now more than ever before .
Best practice advice to regional SMEs on implementing a robust cybersecurity strategy
It ’ s very difficult to be able to build all the required capabilities in-house , especially at an early stage where there are competing priorities . My advice is start with the basics . Find a reputable company to partner with that can help to first address the status of their cybersecurity maturity and determine how they can best help them address their security requirements to make sure that they ’ re well protected .
Obviously , as a lot of businesses are heavily dependent on technology , and with data privacy laws in place , a breach or data leak can be detrimental to reputation and may even endanger the continuity of the business if not taken care of . p
One of the things we ’ re very proud of is having started in the region but having global ambitions . The region has traditionally been a net importer of technology , specifically within the cybersecurity space , and we ’ re part
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