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Avaya launches smart learning platform to support UAE ’ s Emiratization initiatives

Powered by Avaya Spaces , the workstream collaboration platform for the digital workplace , the solution enables UAE private sector companies to rapidly train and upskill incoming Emirati employees as they work towards the Emiratization targets set by the Nafis scheme , which aims to integrate 75,000 Emiratis into the private sector over the next five years .
The learning platform launched by Avaya at GITEX addresses these needs perfectly , providing Emirati employees with a secure , scalable platform that will help them develop the skills they need quickly as they advance their private sector careers . The platform also enables continuous learning and training beyond onboarding , helping Emiratis to further their professional development at a pace that suits them .
Nidal Abou-Ltaif , President , Avaya International

Avaya used it participation at GITEX Global to launch a nextgeneration learning platform aimed at accelerating the UAE ’ s

Emiratization strategy .
“ We are extremely supportive of the UAE ’ s strategic developmental plans . Not only are we moving forward with our own Emiratization efforts , but we are proudly developing the technology that local companies need to quickly onboard Emirati talent . The UAE has a proud history of enabling local talent with advanced tools and platforms , and we are delighted to be adding to that legacy ,” said Nidal Abou-Ltaif , President , Avaya International .

RTA and EVOTEQ demoed use of ‘ AI in Cycling Tracks ’ solution at GITEX 2021

Dubai ’ s Roads and Transport Authority

Dubai ( RTA ) featured the ‘ Using AI in Cycling Tracks ’ solution at GITEX Technology Week 2021 which is a proof of concept developed by EVOTEQ , a Digital Transformation solutions provider . The solution aims to ensure safer roads for cyclists by deploying digital solutions that create a meaningful impact on people ’ s lives .
Mohammed Yousuf Al Mudharreb , CEO , RTA Corporate Technology Support Services Sector , said : “ In designing the Smart Cycling Track , next-generation technologies such as the Internet of Things ( IoT ) and Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) have been used . The data gathered by this high-tech AI enabled platform will be leveraged to detect cyclists , joyriders , including joggers , and scooter riders , on the track and determine the current track occupancy .”
Jihad Tayara , CEO , EVOTEQ , said : “ Throughout the first phase of the PoC implementation , we focused on the utilisation of the latest AI and IoT technologies to validate the viability of the solution by building and testing
Mohammed Yousef Al Mudharreb . CEO , RTA Corporate Technology Support Services Sector
four keys features : cyclist detection , helmet detection , speed and total occupancy . As a following step , we ’ ve developed an extended project roadmap for the complete track journey for cyclists , which aims to improve their safety and experience .”
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