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Policybazaar UAE integrates with Al Etihad Credit Bureau to run real-time Credit Score eligibility checks

Marwan Ahmad Lutfi , CEO , AECB

PB Fintech FZ , an online financial aggregator has entered into a technical / API integration with Al Etihad Credit Bureau ( AECB ) to implement real-time eligibility checks for credit card applications based on the AECB Credit Score and banks ’ approval criteria . The pre-eligibility check will help enable banks to approve the application faster . Policybazaar . ae will bear the costs of the AECB Credit Score , which will be displayed real-time on-screen and delivered to the applicants via email by AECB .

Marwan Ahmad Lutfi , CEO , AECB , said : “ This new access channel will make our credit scores easily accessible by individuals through multiple digital distribution channels . Our system now allows marketplaces , aggregators and potentially any digital platform to integrate with AECB ’ s systems through APIs . This will enable individuals in the UAE to obtain their AECB Credit Scores through digital channels thereby facilitating access to credit information and making the credit score an integral part of business practice .”
Neeraj Gupta , CEO , Policybazaar UAE , said : “ This integration will offer our customers an instant and convenient access to their AECB credit scores on Policybazaar . ae platform . This integration lays out an analytical framework for customers in UAE to make informed financial decisions while having immediate access to their financial information .”

Nedaa put spotlight on hybrid solutions at GITEX 2021

Professional Communication Corporation Nedaa exhibited the latest mission-critical technologies utilised for public safety and Smart City development at GITEX Technology Week .

The solutions , applications and devices operating through Nedaa ’ s 4G network were on display at the organisation ’ s pavilion during GITEX . The technologies , which also use Nedaa SIM cards , offered by Nedaa ’ s technology partners Esharah Etisalat Security Solutions , Airbus and Nokia .
By displaying its partners ’ innovative tools that are critical to the work of first responders , relevant government authorities , and health and safety personnel , amongst others , Nedaa showcased the role of its state-of-the-art 4G network , a major information and communications technology infrastructure .
HE Mansoor Bu Osaiba , CEO , Nedaa , said : “ The 2021 edition of GITEX was another opportunity for us to engage with global visitors and highlight the latest mission-critical communication devices , applications and solutions . Our technical team and that of our partners were on the ground to shed light on the most prominent innovations displayed at our pavilion and discuss how these technologies can further support the collaborative work of our
HE Mansoor Bu Osaiba , CEO , Nedaa
first responders and emergency and security personnel , especially in times of emergencies .”
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