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Digital Transformation puts the network right at the heart of a business and its internal changes . you could have alienated hundreds or thousands of potential customers .
Good design takes these items into account and reacts , while great architecture is able to anticipate potential errors and pre-empt failures or issues , using AI to make changes before a customer notices the problem in the first place . consideration . Ideally , these should be automated via Robotic Process Automation , but for this to be a success , instrumentation of a service and event correlation are needed to truly determine where in the service chain an error has occurred . For example , a group of customers may experience a delay when using a mobile application , but the problem may have occurred in a number of places .
This is the crux of the modern challenge and it could span multiple clouds , SaaS or home-grown applications and a backend data store in a traditional data centre .
Building in the correct service instrumentation , monitoring from the start and carefully correlating events within a service are far easier to do at the outset than after the event has occurred , by which time
Having the right expertise significantly aids great design by bringing all the different required perspectives into the same place – for example , hyperscale cloud knowledge , modern and traditional application construction knowledge , as well as Internet-working expertise . Layer in integrated security and you have an ideal blend to deliver successful digital services to customers , which are not only performant , but also resilient and secure .
Bringing multiple worlds together
Bringing together the world of cloud managed services , security and networking for businesses will enable Digital Transformations to be better constructed and designed from the outset . All of this will in turn help to deliver world-class solutions that can be future-proofed as technologies evolve and move into the mainstream . p
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