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eExecutive summary

The world is evolving from a slow , rigid , and industrial environment to a fast-paced , digital society . Speed-to-market is essential to this transformation . Employees expect relevant services and information to be readily available as they innovate and serve the customer . And while IT service management ( ITSM ) has historically improved the employee experience by expediting request , incident , and change management , in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic , companies are becoming even more reliant on using ITSM to efficiently run their business operations .
Firms are looking to expand their traditional ITSM software to support both new business challenges and apply advanced analytics to old and new problems . ServiceNow commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate firms ’ views on ITSM . Forrester conducted an online survey of 308 IT service decision makers in North America to explore this topic .
And we found that firms are not only relying on ITSM software for its core competencies , but they are also focused on scaling this solution to match the current state of the world .
Key findings
• ITSM software supports request , change , and incident management . IT professionals invested in ITSM software in order to accomplish better tracking of service requests , better change management , and improved incident response . And they are satisfied with the results . An overwhelming majority of interviewees indicated confidence in their software ’ s ability to accomplish all three tasks .
• The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted firms ’ ITSM priorities to accommodate the new normal . IT leaders want their ITSM platforms to help them evolve with the new normal . As a result , decision makers have indicated three main growth areas with their current ITSM software : 1 ) automation capabilities ; 2 ) change management workflow ; and 3 ) configuration management database .
• Decision makers are looking to increase their investment in ITSM . As the market continues to change , the majority of respondents ( 82 %) are planning to increase their investment in ITSM in the next year by strengthening their current solution . Machine automation is the main capability that firms are interested in , as 72 % of respondents are interested in an ITSM software that supports machine automation . p
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