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ABB and Red Hat partner to enhance digital solutions

to provide advanced flexibility in hardware deployment , optimised according to application needs .
It also provides efficient system orchestration , enabling real-time , databased decision making at the Edge and further processing in the cloud .

ABB and Red Hat has announced a global partnership to enable industries using ABB ’ s process automation and industrial software to rapidly scale and flexibly leverage Red Hat ’ s industry leading enterprise platforms and application services built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux .

“ Together , we intend to streamline the transition from automated to autonomous operations and address current and future manufacturing needs using open-source technologies . We look to drive limitless innovation and mark a paradigm shift in operational technology based on open source ,” said Matt Hicks , Executive Vice President , Products and Technologies , Red Hat . The partnership enables virtualisation and containerisation of automation software with Red Hat OpenShift
“ This exciting partnership with Red Hat demonstrates ABB ’ s commitment to meet customer needs by seeking alliances with other innovative market leaders . The alliance with Red Hat will see ABB continue helping our customers improve their operations as they navigate a rapidly evolving digital landscape ,” said Bernhard Eschermann , Chief Technology Officer , ABB Process Automation .
“ It will give them access to the tools they need to integrate plantwide IT and OT , while reducing risks and optimising performance .”

Trellix finds business services top target of ransomware attacks

Trellix , the cybersecurity company delivering the future of extended detection and response ( XDR ), has released The Threat Report : Summer 2022 , analysing cybersecurity trends and attack methods from the first quarter of 2022 .

The report also features research from Trellix Threat Labs into connected healthcare and access control systems . It also includes analysis of email security trends and details the evolution of Russian cybercrime related to the conflict in Ukraine where new malware or methods have yet to be observed . “ With the merging of our digital and physical worlds , cyberattacks cause more chaos in our daily lives ,” said Christiaan Beek , Lead Scientist and Senior Principal Engineer , Trellix .
Vibin Shaju , General Manager – UAE , Trellix , said : “ Looking at the findings and data from the latest report , it is clear that the first quarter of 2022 was more about evolution than revolution . With business services becoming a key focus for criminals , and tried and tested social engineering attacks like phishing continuing to be criminals ’ attack vector of choice , it is imperative for businesses to deploy an XDR architecture that is always learning and adapting , so they can remain resilient with advanced detection , response , and remediation capabilities .”
Vibin Shaju , General Manager – UAE , Trellix
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