Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 81 | Page 25



Technology investment comes with terms and conditions attached and the biggest one is cost . Jan Kuhn , Business Services Executive , INOVO , tells Intelligent CIO Middle East why organisations are struggling when it comes to technology investments and how they can strike a perfect balance .

When it comes to technology investment , organisations are balancing on a tightrope between cost and sustainable success . While technology , according to McKinsey ’ s research , has proven its worth , helping organisations bridge the business-technology divide and delivering business value , there is still some understandable business reluctance to make a comprehensive move to new technologies . While technology delivers immediacy and value , companies are struggling to find a balance between pricing and optimisation .

Technology isn ’ t always going to be cheap . That ’ s not its job . Its real job is to deliver tangible ROI that can be measured across process , cost , system and optimisation . If it doesn ’ t do that , then it ’ s irrelevant .
“ The problem is that people are looking at the bottom line so much that they ’ re forgetting to look at the longterm value that comes with technology investment ,” said Jan Kuhn , Business Services Executive , INOVO , “ They ’ re missing the other elements that get forgotten when technology is side lined , such as customer experience , efficiency and productivity . And these are increasingly critical to sustainable business success . Poor customer service and inefficient processes invariably have a negative impact on reputation and bottom line .”
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