Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 81 | Page 27

TRENDING requirements , properly , and that will extract real , measurable value from any technology investment .
Jan Kuhn , Business Services Executive , INOVO
“ You can use a third-party partner with relevant expertise and a full-service technology stack to unpack optimisation strategies and touchpoints that can fundamentally change your operations and efficiencies ,” Kuhn added . “ For example , you can reduce the number of seats you have in a contact centre by leveraging the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and chatbots . You can also use measurement and reporting tools to reveal insights that drive opportunities for improvement and help you achieve specific business objectives . And these are just the tip of the tech iceberg .”
Technology isn ’ t always going to be cheap . That ’ s not its job . Its real job is to deliver tangible ROI that can be measured across process , cost , system and optimisation . If it doesn ’ t do that , then it ’ s irrelevant .
This is why any reluctance to look at the big picture in addition to the “ now ” is problematic . But instead of letting reluctance limit growth , use it to ensure that any move towards technology involves collaboration with the right partner . That way you are investing in technology that delivers the results you expect . This can be achieved by working from a proof of concept ( PoC ) that can show the ROI and what the technology will bring back into the business . This can showcase where the business will experience measurable value , what the ROI will be and what the solution gives back to the business in terms of customer experience
improvements , cost savings and productivity or efficiency enhancements .
“ In the contact centre environment , a PoC that delivers on its promise is invaluable ,” he noted . “ Instead of buying features and functionality that don ’ t deliver a measurable return , a PoC is a commitment to only implementing solutions that deliver on an agreed business outcome . Spend time with your technology partner and get any technology investment right the first time . Then reap the rewards of 300 % ROI , converted customers , great customer experience and more efficient contact centre operations .” p
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