Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 81 | Page 44

As customer expectations continue to rise and IT requirements become increasingly complex , businesses must do everything they can to prioritise integrated , effective solutions .
Fred Crehan , Regional Director – Middle East , Confluent

Integrate data streaming with a hybrid cloud or be left for dust

Fred Crehan , Regional Director – Middle East , Confluent , tells us about the importance of data streaming in successfully implementing hybrid cloud strategies .

Customer expectations are sky-high in today ’ s fast-paced , demanding consumer environment . People insist on high levels of personalisation and speedy , smooth , convenient experiences when it comes to everything from entertainment to shopping to finances . And if a company can ’ t meet those expectations , customers will quickly move on to one which can .

The organisations which are being left behind are often those who don ’ t move with the times when it comes to their IT architecture . Conventional data centres have their role to play but alone will not meet today ’ s evolving customer experience demands – which is why most businesses in the UAE are transitioning to the hybrid cloud model .
In fact , more than a third of UAE businesses are already using private cloud infrastructure models , with 45 % of new IT deployments expected to be hybrid cloud over the next five years , according to a new report .
Simply installing hybrid cloud infrastructure isn ’ t enough by itself . To meet the high levels of targeting and speed customers want , businesses must respond to real-time events at the time they occur . Data needs to be instantly and smoothly integrated between on-premise systems and the cloud . A new approach is needed . Integrating Apache Kafka , the technology behind data streaming , into your hybrid cloud strategy could hold the key .
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