Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 82 | Page 41

FEATURE : MACHINE LEARNING software development and testing , and many other areas where Machine Learning can be applied .
Mike Brooks , Global Director , Asset Performance Management , Aspen , said : “ Machine Learning algorithms are basically free from many open sources . It seems everybody is using it but Machine Learning itself is hardly the secret sauce , but it is how you use it and what for . The biggest issue with Machine Learning is the data science skills required to implement and the absolute necessity to engage the subject matter experts with deep familiarity of the problem space , including perhaps , process , mechanical , reliability , planning / scheduling personnel , etc .”
Brooks said Aspen has embed Machine Learning and engineering smarts in anomaly and failure / degradation agents that exercise every few minutes to do the Machine Learning and guidance to ensure they hunt for causation rather than simple correlation is differentiating methodology . “ The methodology copied from the iPhone ideas is that the smarts are on the inside doing the complex and hard work , so you do not
Farhan Choudhary , Principal Analyst , Gartner
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