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Building the Zero Trust Enterprise
Establishing Strong Identity Best Practices with Palo Alto Networks and Okta

iIntroduction : Why zero trust now ?

Zero Trust is a strategic approach to cybersecurity that simplifies risk management to a single use case : the removal of all implicit trust for users , applications , and infrastructure .
For years , organisations implemented layer upon layer of defences – firewalls , antivirus software , two-factor authentication , intrusion prevention systems , URL filters , sandboxes , and more – to protect what was inside of their security perimeter . Essentially , they ’ ve been playing a game of whack-a-mole , trying to deflect threats and risks as soon as they emerge but never quite catching them all or ever getting ahead of them .
This approach to security was never truly effective . Now , it ’ s even less relevant because organisations can no longer inherently trust what ’ s inside of their security perimeter . The perimeter has been eroding for years due to trends like mobility , BYOD , and cloud computing . Now , however , the rapid acceleration of digital transformation in response to the global health crisis has forever changed the IT landscape .
Organisations have been racing to add tools and technologies to meet new and intensifying demands , such as the need to transform the network to support a hybrid workforce or move more data centre applications to the cloud . Under pressure to evolve quickly , many enterprises have been forced to take an ad hoc approach to digital transformation instead of a thoughtful , holistic one . The result ? They ’ ve inadvertently created an IT environment that is much more fragmented , complex , porous , and murkier than ever before – an ideal habitat for threats and risks to thrive . p
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