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to Jordan ’ s

“ Huawei has always been customer-centric and committed to creating value for its customers in Jordan . In addition , we attach great importance to openness and collaboration for shared success . We are dedicated to transparent communications with customers , partners , government regulation bodies , industry organisations , universities and think tanks . We hope to work with all stakeholders to achieve core technological innovations and support the development of Jordan ’ s ICT ecosystem , creating more value for promoting industry upgrades and social development ,” Wang added .
In the 5G business Huawei has helped some Middle Eastern countries to build high-speed 5G networks and reach 11 million 5G users , including 1.3 million home users . In addition , the company partnered with carriers to explore 5GtoB services for critical sectors such as the oil and gas , and ports , helping them to improve production efficiency and safety , reduce operational costs , and create opportunities for operators to enter the new blue ocean of the industry .
Huawei has always been customercentric and committed to creating value for its customers in Jordan .
Wang attributed the company ’ s success in the 5G business to its strong R & D and continuous bold investments in innovations . Huawei started researching 5G technologies in 2009 and maintained heavy investment in R & D and innovation over the years . Huawei ’ s R & D investment over the past decade has exceeded US $ 132.5 billion . In 2021 alone , the company invested US $ 22.4 billion in R & D , or 22.4 % of the company ’ s total revenue . Huawei has one of the largest patent portfolios in the world . By 2021 , it held more than 110,000 active patents across more than 45,000 families . This led to a successful 5G business and the signing of more than 3,000 commercial contracts for industrial 5G applications globally .
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