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Kaspersky expands its Cyber Immune offering for IoT protection with new IoT Secure Gateway 1000

Cybersecurity vendor Kaspersky has launched the Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway 1000 , the company ’ s latest Cyber Immune product for organisations embracing digital transformation , helping them to accelerate business value from new streams of industrial data . The gateway connects IoT devices and controllers with business applications and cloud platforms . It then ensures the security of these interactions and the data transferring through them due to the secure KasperskyOS in the gateway ’ s core and its network attack protection capabilities . Customers operating smart city systems , including utilities , street lighting and road infrastructure , or in manufacturing or energy production and distribution projects , get a secure IoT system and visibility across all connected devices . The solution was presented at GITEX Global in Dubai , UAE as a pilot project .

According to Gartner , 61 % of organisations already show a high level of IoT maturity . According to Kaspersky telemetry , from January to September 2022 , there were 67,000 infected IoT across the Middle East , Turkey and Africa . These devices were responsible for 11 million attacks . There is a spike in attacks coming from the region in the third quarter of 2022 : from July to September the number of attacks increased sevenfold – by 659 %.
Given the increase in the number of outgoing attacks , the spike could be explained by the deployment of new bulletproof hosts by cybercriminals to increase their botnet size . Presumably this has been done in Turkey , which has the region ’ s largest share of outgoing attacks .
Given the diversity of IoT devices and their related cybersecurity risks , the need for their protection is clear , especially when it comes to smart cities or critical infrastructure . Traditional measures are not sufficient for IoT protection , making it crucial that specialised security solutions are implemented .
A reliable shield from network attacks and gateway threats
The new Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway 1000 is a hardware appliance with firmware based on KasperskyOS and Advantech UTX-3117
THE NEXT GENERATION OF GATEWAYS DELIVERS MORE IOT SECURITY AND MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS . device . It ensures the security of the entire IoT system at the gateway level thanks to its secure-by-design approach and built-in protection capabilities .
“ With this new gateway , Kaspersky expands its portfolio for IoT infrastructure protection . In 2021 , we launched Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway 100 , dedicated to Industrial IoT and safe data delivery from manufacturing to business applications . The next generation of gateways delivers more IoT security and management functions important for industries and operations with increased security requirements , such as smart cities , transportation networks , video surveillance and critical infrastructure . The Cyber Immunity approach embodied in the firmware ensures that most threats cannot affect the security status of a device or the whole IoT system of the enterprise ,” commented Andrey Suvorov , Head , KasperskyOS Business Unit , Kaspersky . p
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