Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 84 | Page 82


Unlocking the Digital Twin advantage

Mariia Nalapko , Digital Twin Global Process Leader , Capgemini ’ s Business Services , explores the exponential benefits Digital Twin technology offers to businesses and tells us how organisations can unlock these advantages to ensure they are wellpositioned for challenges as they arise .

As with most things in life , practice makes perfect . Take any highperformance musician , such as Benny Greb , one of the most respected drummers in the world today , or John Bonham , drummer of Led Zeppelin – they ’ re all underpinned by constantly refining and adjusting processes to achieve their goals . Unfortunately , this isn ’ t always possible in business , where a constant test-and-learn approach could be an expensive and inefficient exercise .

Enter : Digital Twins . We know that there is a growing appetite across industries to realise the benefit of Digital Twins , in fact , implementation of the technology is set to increase by 36 % on average over the next five years . Acting as a digital incubator , they allow businesses to test out new processes , run hypothetical scenarios to validate the return on investment or change for the organisation and identify possible inefficiencies across the business ecosystem – all with the assurance that the physical systems are free from any hindrances or disruptions and that resources are conserved .
While these mirrored worlds were originally developed predominantly for hardware , they ’ re now applicable in the information processing domains of many departments such as finance and accounting , human resources and supply chain management . This opens the door to Digital Twins of entire organisations and promises exponential benefits , such as greater visibility of business operations , higher productivity gain , more advanced monitoring and simulations of events that are likely to have an impact on a business .
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