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5 Reasons

Data protection has changed . Is now , finally , the time you should too ?
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To Switch Backup


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By now , our worlds have been completely flipped upside down . But one thing remains the same . Most legacy backup solutions in the market today … well … aren ’ t very good . Spending too much effort on backup , IT admins lack the time , resources and simply the energy to proactively tackle the real business challenges are holding businesses back and slowing them down . The frustration is real , people !

Here ’ s some data to prove the point . Between September and December 2020 , an independent research company asked 3,000 IT pros from 28 countries about their backup , and it turned out that only 63 % of backups completed on time without errors and 33 % of all restore jobs / tasks fail to be successful . Leaves a bad taste in your mouth , doesn ’ t it ?
These days , IT needs to think not one , but several steps ahead . Taking ransomware , vendor lock-in , storage capacity , cloud mobility , as well as unpredictable world economical and health factors into the equation .
To add a cherry on top , the events of 2020 and now 2021 have compounded these pressures like a match to a tinderbox . From the explosion of remote working to the increasing sophistication of security attacks , data protection needs to be a priority . Don ’ t settle for “ meh ”. You can ’ tafford to put it off any longer . p
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