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UAE shoppers are omnichannel consumers

Nearly three-quarters ( 72 %) of in-store shoppers in the UAE said they are more likely than others to use their smartphones to enhance their shopping experience , especially to look up product information and compare prices at other merchants using their devices , according to The 2022 Global Shopping Index : UAE Edition , a PYMNTS and Visa Cybersource survey – Visa ’ s payment gateway and risk platform .

UAE consumers ’ strong penchant for mobile-enabled shopping experiences is just one of many traits that make the country ’ s e-commerce market unique on the world stage .
Conducted across Australia , Brazil , Mexico , UAE , the UK and the US , the survey delves into the details of what separates the UAE e-commerce market from other major world economies – and what those differences mean for the businesses looking to make their mark .
The survey polled 13,114 consumers and 3,100 merchants in six countries to find out how shopping preferences in the UAE differ from those in other countries , which shopping and payment features local shoppers want most and how well local merchants are meeting their customers ’ demands .
“ UAE shoppers ’ strong pref ¬ erence for mobile commerce touches every aspect of their shopping journeys , including their in-store shopping expe ¬ riences . Meeting these mobile-centric shoppers ’ needs is crucial to the success and growth of businesses in a market that is steadily progressing in its cashless journey ,” said Dr . Saeeda Jaffar , Visa ’ s SVP and Group Country Manager for GCC region . “ With the growing interest in online and mobile shopping in the country , responsible digital retailers are looking to improve their systems to provide their customers with a seamless and secure shopping experience online and in-store shopping experiences for customers . These statistics allow retailers to identify challenges and adapt to consumers ’ mobile preferences to make their retail journey safe and frictionless .”
Key findings from the survey include :
• Smartphones are integral to both the in-store and remote shopping experience in the UAE . Just 65 % of UAE consumers used smartphones at some point throughout their most recent retail journeys , regardless of whether they were shopping in-store or remotely online .
• UAE shoppers use in-store and curbside pickup options more frequently than those in other countries . Nearly one-third of all local e-commerce shoppers picked up their most recent purchases in-store or via curbside pickup , which is more frequent than shoppers in other countries .
• UAE merchants are striving to deliver mobileenabled retail experience . UAE merchants are far more likely than their counterparts in other countries to provide mobile-based features for
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