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SAP to empower business users in Lebanon to innovate and transform their operations with new low-code offering

SAP SE has announced the launch of SAP Build , a powerful new low-code offering to unleash the power of business users .

SAP Build empowers SAP users with minimal technical expertise to create and augment enterprise applications , automate processes , and design business sites with drag-and-drop simplicity .
Launched during SAP TechEd conference held in Las Vegas recently , SAP Build draws on the unique depth and breadth of the SAP Business Technology Platform ( BTP ). The aim is to put SAP ’ s enterprise technology in the hands of business users , giving them direct access to the end-to-end processes , data and context they need to make smarter decisions and drive innovation quickly .
Alaa Jaber , Managing Director , SAP Qatar and Fast Growing Markets , said : “ We believe this will be a game changer for business users in Lebanon . With SAP Build , our customers will be able to extract maximum knowledge from their technology investments , shorten time-to-value for new applications and future-proof their businesses . As Lebanon continues to pursue its rapid digital transformation goals , there is a need for business experts at all levels to become more involved in developing technology solutions . This will ensure that companies ’ digital goals are fully aligned with their business goals , and that their technology solutions are tailored to suit the needs of their specific company and industry as well as Lebanon ’ s unique market conditions .”
With SAP Build , business users have the full power of SAP BTP and business application data from SAP at their fingertips . Users can easily integrate systems ; intelligently monitor , analyse , and automate processes ; and build applications for the last mile of innovation – all without moving their data into an external system . With SAP Signavio solutions natively integrated , SAP Build users also get in-depth visibility into all their processes , so they know where to focus to achieve the greatest impact as they innovate and automate . More than 275,000 process reference points from 4,000 customers , as well as 1,300 use-case specific workflows and automations , let users instantly tap into the full spectrum of business expertise built into SAP ’ s technology . SAP Build also works with non-SAP systems . And the new SAP Builders program helps users ramp up quickly and connect with their peers via hands-on sessions and forums for sharing best practices .
Arnal Dayaratna , Research Vice President , Software Development , IDC , said : “ Given that the demand for contemporary digital solutions
Alaa Jaber , Managing Director , SAP Qatar and Fast Growing Markets
is greater than the ability of professional developers to supply them , IDC envisions that business professionals will become increasingly involved in initiatives to create digital solutions to solve pressing business problems .”
Dayaratna added : “ Worldwide , IDC expects more than 100 million business professionals will become involved in the production of digital solutions over the next 10 years . SAP Build ’ s low-code development solutions empower business users to harness their domain expertise to rapidly build and iterate on digital solutions at scale .”
SAP ’ s Jaber said : “ These commitments are particularly significant in our region , and SAP remains committed to supporting the rapid digital transformation and creation of sustainable solutions by developing the technology skills of Lebanese citizens .” p
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