Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 32 | Page 53

COUNTRY FOCUS: LEBANON organisations do make heavy ICT investments, but do not adopt technology as a strategic means to an end. Therefore, they are unable to yield desired business outcomes at a faster pace. According to the Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL), the ICT market in Lebanon is projected to reach US$543.5 million by 2019, thus laying a strong foundation for investments in digital transformation initiatives. So, in order to be better positioned and truly capitalise on opportunities offered by the digital age, organisations need to first and foremost access and evaluate their business objectives. The needs and priorities of an organisation of any size are constantly evolving, influenced by a range of factors both internal and external. This is followed by a thorough review of the IT infrastructure, “ AN OPEN MARKET SUCH AS THE ONE IN LEBANON, WHICH FOSTERS AN ECOSYSTEM AND CULTURE OF INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY, IS AN IDEAL PLATFORM FOR INNOVATION WITH LOCAL AND GLOBAL IMPACT. and modernisation where needed through flash-based and converged technologies, automating operations, creating virtual and software-defined servers, storage and networking, and delivering the right services at the speed the business requires. It is not all ‘rip & replace’ at this stage, but a comprehensive review of the foundation itself, which is then followed by the adoption of the applications and services that will deliver a transformed experience for employees and customers. Following which, organisations need to assess the below competencies before developing a digital transformation strategy: • Foster closer ties between IT and business innovation • They must switch to greater use of sensors and instrumentation across the business INTELLIGENTCIO 53