Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 32 | Page 54

COUNTRY FOCUS: LEBANON “ LEBANON SHOULD BE PROUD OF ITS STRONG, COMMITTED, AND CREATIVE DISRUPTOR COMMUNITY. • They need to be able to derive insights from all the data available to the business • Lastly, choose the right technology provider Disrupting the socio-economic status quo, long seen as the realm of artists and revolutionaries, is now a primary function of technology thinkers the world over. The ultimate goal of any organisation is to be able to deliver a differentiated product or service to the market whether through a capability that nobody else offers, or the speed with which one can offer it. In doing so, an organisation becomes the trusted, go-to option for its target customers. With the fourth industrial revolution disrupting the way every industry operates, organisations have realised that IT injects new efficiencies in their existing processes and operations, provides a competitive edge and meets the length and breadth of consumer demands as well as business needs. How can organisations in Lebanon foster human innovation and drive real socio-economic change? At Dell EMC, we believe that innovation needs to have real human impact, and this is the basis of our vision of technology as a driver of human progress. It is heartening to see that technological innovation of late, particularly from the start-up and disruptor community, is all primarily designed to address a human concern or societal issue. Why are organisations in Lebanon finding that ‘IT is no longer a business function but business itself’? Kamal Othman, General Manager, LEVANT, Dell EMC revenue model, Dell EMC has realised the value in retaining focus on technology as a driver of human progress, and this now informs our innovation, market activity, and engagement with industry. IT offers organisations increased agility to function at the speed of business, so that it can be nimble in the face of market conditions and opportunities. Gaining first-to-market advantage is undeniably important, even more so in an age when consumers are used to getting what they want instantly and technology habits dictate stickiness with one vendor versus another. Therefore, IT has An open market such as the one in Lebanon, which fosters an ecosystem and culture of innovation and creativity, is an ideal platform for innovation with local and global impact. Lebanon should be proud of its strong, committed, and creative disruptor community, which is leading the wider Middle East region in terms of the quality and relevance of their innovation as drivers of socio-economic transformation. The primary responsibility of organisations is to be open to exploring ways of challenging the way things are done. Very often, large organisations are wary of change. The fact is that the disruptor movement has shifted the onus of innovation with human impact towards the lower end of the market, simply because larger organisations got too caught up with working with Governments and large enterprises. While it is clearly a successful 54 INTELLIGENTCIO