Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 32 | Page 62

CASE STUDY E picor Cloud ERP has been adopted by Vinnell Arabia, a US military doctrine- based training, logistics and support services organisation based in Saudi Arabia (KSA), to improve operational efficiency and serve as a platform for business growth. The move to Epicor Cloud ERP has enabled Vinnell Arabia to consolidate its accounting and procurement systems on to a single- pane platform and minimise human error by automating several manual and semi- manual processes. It has improved the speed and accuracy of reporting for audits and upgraded employee skillsets with respect to automated business 62 INTELLIGENTCIO IT HAS IMPROVED THE SPEED AND ACCURACY OF REPORTING FOR AUDITS AND UPGRADED EMPLOYEE SKILLSETS WITH RESPECT TO AUTOMATED BUSINESS PROCESSES. processes. In parallel, opting for a cloud- based solution will allow the company to benefit from business continuity, improved security, reduced risk and 24/7 support. The business will also benefit from hassle- free upgrades, faster time to value and significantly lower capital and human resource investments.