Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 47 | Page 42

FEATURE: STATE OF THE CIO TODAY THE MOST SUCCESSFUL CIOS ARE THOSE WHO ARE THOUGHT LEADERS, INNOVATORS AND BUSINESS VISIONARIES. concept around the prevention of breaches has become a board level issue tailored with CEOs tending to be the ones driving 42 INTELLIGENTCIO ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// the digital agenda because obviously, it’s an organisation wide transformation that needs to happen. But the CIO owns many of the platforms, the systems and the capabilities, whether they’re on-premise in their data centre, or they’re using a cloud-based service, like ServiceNow. Because of that capability they can deliver so much quicker and therefore they’ve got their voice to be heard. where they have to understand the customer journey or the employee journey and what they are actually trying to achieve. Technology, obviously, is a major enabler of that. But unlike historically, the way IT works they wanted to own everything, manage everything and monitor everything with public cloud capability and platforms. That’s no longer the case. What advice would you give to CIOs who wish to position themselves as business visionaries? You might be using something from Microsoft or AWS and it’s really around proving you can deliver value quickly, easily and autonomously at times. For years, there’s always been this thing around that IT must align itself with the business, which almost became a cliché. I think it’s now at the point where CIOs actually talk in terms of value or outcomes, Gone are the days of not being on time or over budget. Because we have seen many times where a business has said ‘OK, if you can’t deliver it to me IT, then I’m going to go round you and do my own thing.’