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Increasingly , businesses are looking up to the clouds to enable agility , scalability and simplicitybut no two models are created equal . And because businesses cannot afford to sacrifice control and security , going all-in on a public cloud only approach isn ’ t always feasible .

The middle-ground is hybrid cloud , but getting there starts with a powerful private cloud foundation . Built on industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure , the Nutanix private cloud solution is that crucial first step , delivering and rapidly scaling applications , services , and data . And with automation and selfservice capabilities , businesses can still benefit from public cloud power-without vendor lock-in .
Keep reading to meet the real-world companies , like airline leader JetBlue and student-savvy Swinburne University , who ’ ve realised these benefits and more .
On average , JetBlue flies out 1,000 times every day , reaching cities in the United States , the Caribbean and Latin America . And to maintain their motto of being a “ customer experience ” company , JetBlue knew it couldn ’ t continue running on its previous infrastructure solution . After running into walls of complex infrastructure management , poor scalability , lengthy application rollout delays , and other complications , Dan Feliz , General Manager , IT Infrastructure , set his sights on Nutanix .
Here ’ s how it happened : Feliz came into contact with Nutanix at a Citrix Synergy conference and his first impression was hard to ignore . He said : “ To be frank , the Nutanix solution looked too good to be true . . . so we spoke to our Citrix account team and they agreed that it was an excellent choice for our VDI deployment .”
Since deploying Nutanix , Feliz has gone from surprised to committed to the platform : “ Many of our critical systems and applications are now running on Citrix and Nutanix . That ’ s the faith we have in the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform .” Nowadays , the Nutanix private cloud does more than run systems and applications . JetBlue has realised higher availability of Citrix-based VDI and hosted applications . And with the ease-of-use of the Nutanix cloud , infrastructure management and IT operations can be completed in one click . And JetBlue has high hopes for the future : There ’ s a lot of excitement – from our IT team to our senior leaders-around what Nutanix is helping us with .” •
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