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Chart Industries is a leading , diversified global manufacturer of highly engineered infrastructure that separates , processes , freezes , and liquefies oxygen , nitrogen , and natural gas . The company ’ s distribution and storage products are used to deliver liquid gases and enable energy , industrial , and life sciences customers to use them easily . When cleaning up ransomware and malware began taking time away from other important security projects , Chart turned to Malwarebytes to vaporise threats .
Business challenge
Reclaim time spent remediating threats Approximately 3,500 Chart employees work in 35 locations worldwide , including Asia , Australia , Europe , and the Americas , and an increasing number of employees are mobile . It was inevitable that infected files would show up on endpoints from website browsing , on mobile endpoints that were off the corporate network , and on USB sticks that vendors and employees brought into the environment .
Ransomware , malware , phishing campaigns , and general nuisanceware all target chart endpoints . The company was moving forward with a comprehensive initiative to add security controls to its IT environments around the world , but fighting these threats was taking a growing amount of time from the security team . When a machine became infected , they would try to clean it , but if that didn ’ t work , they ’ d re-image the machine . It could take anywhere from four to 10 hours to restore all of the user ’ s applications , patches , and preferences from backup . With 15 to 20 machines being reimaged each month , hundreds of hours were being taken away from strategic projects . •
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