Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 72 | Page 22

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attacks at a frightening pace .


A growing pervasive threat
Ransomware has never been more prevalent – or profitable – than it is right now . What started as the exclusive domain of highly skilled and opportunistic cybercriminals has evolved into an underground industry in which virtually anyone can get their hands on pre-built tool kits and plans to launch ransomware
Many enterprise security teams continue to search for a “ silver bullet ” for preventing ransomware , but protecting against ransomware attacks is more of a mentality and a posture than it is about compiling a particular set of tools . As ransomware attacks continue to become more selective , strategic , sophisticated and easier to pull off enterprises need to change their mindsets and general approach to protecting their most precious assets .
Multiple sources , vectors and potential for damage
Most security threats to a business – physical breakins via tailgating , stolen documents and leaked access to sensitive information – are perpetrated by a single entity , often with brute force or little in the way of sophistication .
But ransomware attacks are different . They can come from any angle at any time and can be executed by virtually anyone because ransomware has been democratised in a way that dramatically lowers the bar of technical knowhow and skill . p
This eBook will introduce you to the most important strategies , insights and steps you can take to minimise your risk of suffering a catastrophic ransomware attack and help mitigate the damage when an attacker inevitably penetrates your perimeter security .
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