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Protect , secure and recover
Cybercrime and ransomware – the exorbitant , disruptive underbelly of the liberating cyber world we have embraced and depend upon . It is no longer a question of if an attack will happen but when and the best strategy for protecting against it is to assume that , at some point , it will happen . But it doesn ’ t have to be as debilitating as you might think .
Minimal disruption , maximum recovery
Like most Data Protection vendors , at Arcserve we have many customers that have unfortunately been hit by one or more Ransomware attacks . However , unlike other Data Protection vendors , when an Arcserve Solution secured by Sophos is implemented and aligned with our 3-2-1 best practice approach , we guarantee that one or more copies of your data will always be available for recovery in the event of a ransomware attack , or your money back . Not only are we able to recover your data free from ransomware , but we can also enable you to spin up virtual machines so that your vital business applications can start immediately while data is being restored in parallel .
Duty of care
As a data protection vendor we see that we have a duty of care to our customers to reduce their risk by providing the best safeguards against the everincreasing threat of cybercriminals on their business critical data . Working with you at the data protection tier , we take it upon ourselves to ‘ own ’ the problem : protect , secure and recover . Can your current data protection provider offer the same ?
In many cases the provider will inform you of a problem and then the onus is on you to resolve it – a notification service if you will , far from the belt and braces approach that companies and organisations should be demanding for their data . p
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