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Bitdefender expert on building a resilient enterprise security strategy

Enterprises are becoming increasingly concerned with the future of their security strategy post-pandemic . Dan Pitman , Director of Product and Technical Marketing , Bitdefender , tells Intelligent CIO ’ s Ellen Flannery about the importance of navigating new cybersecurity solutions with an expanding hybrid and remote working workforce .

bBusinesses are investing in improving their cybersecurity after the pandemic – why is this ?

Businesses have increased their investment in improved cybersecurity postpandemic due to numerous reasons . There ’ s the obvious one – which is where complexity went off the scale . As people moved to work from home , companies had to move to a more digital way of working , not just with their employees but also in their business practices . This necessitated an increase in their Digital Transformation velocity and the Digital Transformation for their end-users and within the organisation itself . So , complexity is essential from a cybersecurity point of view because complexity drives risk when we think about cybersecurity . So , if we have more devices , more network connections or more users , then that means that there is a higher risk because it ’ s harder to manage and understand all the different use-cases that we might see .
How have organisations adapted to an increased need for a more robust security strategy following the acceptance of a hybrid work culture ?
We ’ ve seen more acceptance that businesses need a more profound cybersecurity solution ; with that , organisations have wanted to broaden their coverage to other areas . This can mean an increased level of detection on the endpoint , so more
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