Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 82 | Page 83

FINAL WORD complex analytics using Machine Learning , for example , but it can also mean more visibility and coverage , which are very important .
If you think about hybrid working , users are more likely to use different applications than before . Additionally , they might be moving data around differently than before , so companies need to keep an eye on the systems they ’ re managing . As such , having consolidated threat detection across all those areas has become a key focus for many enterprises and we definitely see that with our customer base wanting to increase their coverage beyond the endpoint . business cybersecurity solutions can learn from the consumer division .
Can you talk us through how businesses can adopt a more preventative cybersecurity approach ?
Sometimes I like to start some conversations with a challenging point of view , that when we think about prevention versus detection and response , the only real difference is the speed of the response .
The other side of that is that when we think about those hybrid workers , they ’ re connected to corporate networks through private Internet Service Providers . This means that enterprises need to understand not just the business security landscape but also the consumer security landscape . For me , working at Bitdefender is nice because we have both sides of that and we ’ re able to understand that so our
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