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WOLF takes KSA ’ s creative economy into the metaverse

The World ’ s Online Festival ( WOLF ), a unique performance-based metaverse experience built for the MENA region – is on a mission to take the Saudi creator economy into the metaverse . WOLF is committed to introducing new ways to help people enhance their talents in the arts , announcing its collaboration with Rawaee Studios and Academy – a Saudi-based production house that specialises in music – to launch the first-ever training course in the metaverse : WOLFStars Academy .

The launch of this collaboration cements WOLF ’ s positioning in discovering and nurturing local talents to create live interactive entertainment on its virtual festival stages .
Gary Knight , CEO of WOLF , said : “ One of our aims at WOLF is to enhance Saudi ’ s creative economy – and our new partnership with Rawaee Studios & Academy is vital for this . With around 200 of our WOLFStars being
Saudi , investing in the right training is a vital step to supporting a community of talented Saudi creators who can make their livelihood through entertaining people online .”
Mohammed Bahassan , Founder of Rawaee Studios and Academy , said : “ Since its establishment in 2000 , Rawaee has positively contributed to the music industry in Saudi Arabia . We are very pleased to be seen as one of the leading providers of singing and performance education to help upskill new artists and allow them to fulfil their ambitions .”

Epson research shows more than half of firms in Saudi Arabia are concerned about printing energy use

New research with regional decision-makers commissioned by

Epson has shown that more than half ( 64 %) of KSA corporate respondents want to reduce energy costs , and 60 % say they ’ re concerned about the energy use of printers given the increases in energy costs .
Amr Ahmed , Sales Manager Business Solutions , Epson Saudi Arabia , said : “ In the context of spiralling energy costs , it ’ s vital that organisations take advantage of every opportunity to reduce expenditure . Organisations need to move faster in adopting energyefficient technology .”
The survey of more than 5,650 technology users and influencers from 33 countries showed that interviewees understand the role inkjet printers can play . A significant majority ( 80 %) of the respondents in Saudi Arabia agreed that inkjet printers will help them meet their cost reduction goals . According to the survey , most ( 80 %) also say they want a better understanding of energy savings that could be made by changing the type of printers in use .
Suat Ozsoy , Business Unit Director , Epson CISMETA , said : “ The decision to leave the laser market has been inevitable and in fact , we have already begun this transition in the MENA region . As a company we ’ ve committed to sustainable innovation and action , and laser printers don ’ t fit within that .”
Amr Ahmed , Sales Manager Business Solutions , Epson Saudi Arabia
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