Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 86 | Page 13

We will spend $ 160B this year on security solutions that are failing to protect us

Every 11 seconds there is a ransomware attack . Yet organizations are spending over $ 160B on cybersecurity this year alone . Do you ever wonder why cybersecurity is such a high priority , which is getting more money and attention than ever , and yet the problem is only getting worse ?
It ’ s because the current approach is flawed
Our industry has been pushing an approach to cybersecurity that is flawed . Every IT security and management provider offers only a small piece of the solution required to protect our environments . CIOs are forced to buy a multitude of these different solutions , stitch them together themselves and make decisions based on data that is stale , inaccurate , and incomplete . To make things even worse , our industry is full of companies who promise that they will stop breaches when they simply can ’ t .
It ’ s time for a different approach
Let ’ s focus on the basic protections the industry has known would work for decades , but most assumed were impossible to implement . Let ’ s use a single platform that can identify where all your data is , patch every device you own in seconds , implement critical security controls and do that all in a single pane of glass – in real time . Let ’ s close the holes that attackers get through , rather than paper them over with tools that let them in .
Be prepared for the unprecedented
Tanium provides the only solution that identifies , prioritizes , and remediates vulnerabilities with vigilant , real-time monitoring to ensure those vulnerabilities are never exploited . We have helped our customers respond to the largest cyber incidents in recent history including Log4Shell , PrintNightmare , WannaCry , and Meltdown . Tanium allows our customers to be prepared for the unprecedented .
Protecting the most security conscious companies
Tanium manages and secures over 30 million of the most missioncritical computers in the world . We work with the Fortune 100 , every major US bank , four branches of the US Military , the US intelligence agencies and those of our allies , and many other leading organizations . And we are committed to giving you the same level of security control , whatever your size , so that your organization can be safer .

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